Ula Blocksage, English Speaking Photographer Paris


Founder and Principle Photographer of We Got Paris

Hey there guys, it's Ula. My story starts just across the English Channel, where I was born in a seaside town along the south east coast of England. My parents were and are still extremely adventurous and so at the age of 9, my parents, my sister and I packed up our things and moved to Australia. We spent the next 10 years zigzagging across the country, exploring new cities, rainforest villages and outback towns. It was in Australia that I fell in love with photography and went on to study it for 6 years during my Bachelor of Visual Arts and then my Masters Degree, specialising in Photography at the University of South Australia. I made the move to Europe in 2013, in pursuit of my next adventure and settled in Paris, the place I now call home. The city of love and light had stolen my heart. 

For as long as I can remember I have loved to photograph people, to document life as it is being lived and to capture the real, the powerful and the raw as it naturally unfolds and so I started We Got Paris as a means to help others create and document there own unique stories. We don't do the regular cheesy, impersonal snaps, we capture your beautiful memories and customise each photo experience for every individual client. My portraits have won awards including the PX3 Pairs award for portraiture and some of my works are held in both private and National collections in the UK and Australia.

The adventurer in me is still alive and kickin' so should you be planning a wedding or any other type of adventure you wish to be captured in photos, I would be delighted to travel with you and come along for the ride. Please get in touch for special travel rates and photography packages.